Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Parker's First Year: A Photo Essay

Parker came into our lives in April, 2007 as a three-month old puppy. Today is her first birthday, we think, which means she is a Capricorn. The interwebs tells me that Capricorns often wear masks to prevent people from seeing the real person they are, but those who take the time will find them to be loyal and affectionate. That's our Parker.

Tonight, a couple of friends are coming over to help celebrate our baby's first birthday. I promise some pictures of the festivities.

It's been an adventure bringing Parker into our world. Take a look:

Parker's debut

Catching some Z's with T

Meeting Aunt Liza

Her first kiss

Always smiling

Baby's first Christmas

PS: How Pink Armageddon is our Christmas tree? It's the bomb, right?


August said...

Oh how fun. When are you going to get rid of it, again? *taps fingers impatiently*

The Christmas photo is adorable. You are adorable. That tree is adorable. That thing wearing the bow is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Parker is adorable, as are her daddies.

As for the Christmas tree, I have to admit I'm more of a traditionalist on that count.

-- Jarred.

Brady said...

Aww, how fun is this. I love that she gets so excited about opening presents too!

Long said...

history rewritten: the kiss w jeysin was NOT parker's first kiss.

ArmoredCity said...

is she any particular kind of dog?

Jack said...

Welcome, ArmoredCity! She's a lab mut. We think she has some lab, some chow, some terrier, and maybe even some deer in her, but she's 100% cute and 100% annoying.

Thanks, seithman. You're sweet!